About Us

Welcome to The Astronomy Centre where you will find a wide range of quality astronomical telescopes, binoculars and all the associated equipment, accessories and books to make your stargazing as enjoyable as possible.
Astronomy and the pastime of star-gazing is such a readily accessible hobby yet getting simple advice and information on the type of equipment and techniques that will suit you and your budget is not always that easy to find.
Having tried to find straight advice on astrophotography, and spending a lot of time and effort to find out for ourselves what works and what doesn’t led us in 2011 to create The Astronomy Centre that cuts through the unnecessary confusion and poorly presented image of Astronomy on the web.

Our customers now range from absolute beginners to long term experts in astronomy, from private shoppers to world-renowned universities.

We are working tirelessly to provide more and more product information in a simple to access way, which is rich in information to help beginners and experienced astronomers to get hold of straight forward advice and get involved in what is a great pastime.